Passage Title Preacher Date
Mark 1 The Gospel of Mark-Part 1:Introduction to the Gospel-Who is Jesus? Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 09 June 2019
Mark 1:2-13 The Gospel of Mark-Part 2:Have you met Jesus? Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 16 June 2019
Mark 1:14-34  The Gospel of Mark-Part 3:What does following Jesus entail? Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 23 June 2019
Mark 1:35-2:12 The Gospel of Mark-Part 4:Meet the Leper and the Paralytic Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 07 July 2019
Mark 2:13-17 The Gospel of Mark Part 5:What does Jesus have to say about the Receiver of Revenue, Fasting and the Sabbath? Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 14 July 2019
Mark 2:18-22 The Gospel of Mark-Part 6:What does Jesus have to say about Fasting? Rt. REv. Raj Moodley 28 July 2019
Mark 2:23-3:6 The Gospel of Mark-Part 7:What does Jesus have to say about the Sabbath? Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 04 Aug 2019
Mark 3:7-35 The Gospel of Mark-Part 8:Followers of Jesus Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 18 Aug 2019
Mark 4:1-25 The Gospel of Mark-Part 9:Genuine listeners produce fruit Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 08 Sep 2019
Mark 4:26-41 The Gospel of Mark-Part 10:God's Sovereignty and man's responsibility Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 15 Sept 2019
Mark 5:1-43 The Gospel of Mark-Part 11:The true nature of Faith Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 22 Sept 2019
Mark 6:1-13 The Gospel of Mark-Part 12:The Anointer and the Anointing Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 06 Oct 2019
Mark 6:14-29 The Gospel of Mark-Part 13:A Party Pooper-Living in the shadow of the Cross Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 13 Oct 2019
Mark 6:30-56 The Gospel of Mark-Part 14:Bread delivered from heaven Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 03 Nov 2019
Mark 7:1-37 The Gospel of Mark-Part 15:Ritual verses Reality-clean and unclean Rt. Rev. Raj Moodley 24 Nov 2019


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